The Morning service opened with Josh Hopkins playing “I Shall Know Him/I’ll Fly Away “ on the banjo. Bro. Jeff Downey welcomed everyone and made announcements. Bro. Donald Fittin led songs and Bro. Rodney Duff led in prayer. Lilia McCarville and Lisa Hopkins sang “Sunshine in My Soul”. Bro. Ronnie Rish read the scripture reading from I Kings 18:17-39. Roxanne Bartlett sang “If That Isn’t Love”.


Bro. Jeff Downey’s sermon was taken from James 5:16— “Fervent Prayer Availeth Much”. Two-fold message of God was (1) Spiritual fire is essential. Fire was essential in Elijah’s prayer. There was no rain in Israel for 3 years. God’s people worshipped Baal and turned their backs on God. Elijah was faithful, God took care of him through the drought. God fed him at the brook, Cherith, 17:2-7, and later by the widow of Zarephath, v.8-16. God took care of Elijah as He will for us if we are faithful. King Ahab turned away from God and led Israel away, also. May God help us to keep our eyes on Jesus. The second message was: (2) God needs people to pray. Actions of God are preceded by actions of men. In v.30-31, Elijah built an altar with a trench around it. He filled it with 3 barrels of water four times. This was to prove the validity of his sacrifice. The false worshippers of Baal tried hours to get Baal to answer by fire to no avail—v.26-29. Elijah prayed a simple prayer in v. 36-37, and the fire consumed the sacrifice. Elijah obeyed, and God heard and answered his fervent prayer. The fire of God is powerful. It changed the minds of the people-v.39. Sometimes we need our perspective changed. May we pray God will “send the fire”. May we do our part because we know God will not fail to keep His promises. The closing song was Send the Fire”. Bro. Donald Fittin closed in prayer as all the congregation went to prayer.


                                                                    August 16                                                                  PM


The Evening service began with a Mixed trio singing “Farther Along”. Bro. Rodney Duff led songs. Bro. Jeff Downey led in prayer. Bro. Donald Fittin welcomed everyone. Testimonies were given by: Vickie Ledford, Cindy Kennedy, and Shannon McCarville. Matthew McCarville sang “It is No Secret What God Can Do”.


Bro. Ronnie Rish’s sermon was taken from John 18:37-38— “What is Truth”. What think ye of Christ? He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life, John 14:6. Jesus is the Truth. We need all of God we can get. If we continue indeed, we can be Jesus’ disciples. Continue means to “abide or dwell”. There are 7 points about “Truth”. (1) “Buy the truth and sell it not”—Proverbs 23:23. (2) Love the truth. David said “My heart is fixed”—Psalms 57:7. He had a heart determined to serve God. (3) Keep or know the truth. (4) Hide the Word in our hearts—Psalms 119:11. (5) II &III John—Walk in truth. (6) Preach the Word which is the truth—II Timothy 4:2. (7) Obey the Word—Galatians 3:1--whatever the cost. We can have that truth tonight. The closing song was “In Ties Like These”. Bro. Rodney Duff closed in prayer as the congregation joined in a season of prayer.