The Morning service opened with Bonnie Duff playing “How Great Thou Art” as a piano solo. Bro. Jeff Downey welcomed everyone and made announcements. Bro. Donald Fittin led songs. Bro. Rodney Duff led in prayer.  A Male Quartet sang “Seeking the Lost”.  Bro. Ronnie Rish read the scripture reading from John 15:1-11. Vickie Ledford sang  “The Holy Hills of Heaven Call Me”.


Bro. Jeff Downey’s sermon was taken from John 15:6-7— “Abiding in Christ” –Acting as Christ would make us live as Christ. Jesus is the Vine, our Source for life. We depend on Him for life, physically and spiritually. We want to be flourishing Christians. If we are abiding in Christ, we will produce fruit. There are fruits to abiding in Christ: (1) A New Life—We must be born again-II Corinthians 5:17. (2) we must have the truth of God in us-II Corinthians 5:7. (3) We must be guided by the Spirit—Galatians 5:16. (4) Be Consistent—Ephesians 5:15-16. (5) We will be cautious. Walk circumspectly—Ephesians 5:15. (6). Be Christ-like—I John 5:13. Be willing to be corrected. There are great benefits in abiding in Christ and keeping His commandments—John 15:5,7,10. Without  God, we can do nothing -John 15:5- but with God, all things are possible -Luke 1:37. When we are totally relying on God, God’s ways and direction are the best for us. May God help us to see the necessity of abiding in Christ. The closing song was “I Need Thee Every Hour”. Bro. Donald Fittin closed in prayer along with the congregation.


                                                              September 27                                                                      PM


The Evening service opened with congregational prayer for previous prayer requests. Lisa Hopkins and Makalya Worthington sang “I Know Whom I Have Believed”. Bro. Rodney Duff led songs. Bro. Ronnie Rish led in prayer. Bro. Jeff Downey welcomed everyone and made announcements. Testimonies were given by: Roxanne Bartlett, Ronnie Rish, and Shannon McCarville. Ethan Downey sang “Great is Thy Faithfulness”.


Bro. Donald Fittin’s sermon was taken from Proverbs 23:23— “Buy the truth and sell it not”. We need to buy God’s truth--Revelation 3:18. The Laodicea church was to buy of gold tried in the fire. It is necessary to go through the fire that we may be purified. We are not to compromise but take a stand. It may cost us but it’s worth it. Why do we buy the truth? Because we are an example to the world. We are purified by the fire, tried and true. We are not to try to understand the truth to believe it. We know we need to be saved even if we don’t understand it—Acts 3:19. We are to be holy and blameless before God, without spot or wrinkle—Ephesians 5:26-27. We can have our experiences, Salvation, Sanctification, and the Baptism of the Holy Ghost—Acts 1:8. We must desire the truth. May God help us stand on His truth. The closing song was “Whatever It Takes”. Bro. Rodney Duff closed in prayer as the congregation also went to prayer.