The Morning service opened with Shannon McCarville playing a clarinet solo entitled “We Gather Together/Come, Ye Thankful People, Come”. Bro. Donald Fittin welcomed everyone and led songs. Bonise Rish led in prayer. Joel and Kaleb McCarville sang “The Unseen Hand”. Bro. Ronnie Rish read the scripture reading from Isaiah 53:1-12. Matthew McCarville sang “Pass Me


Bro. Donald Fittin’s sermon was taken from Isaiah 53:6. All of us have gone astray at one time or other. The remedy is to call upon God, and He will save us. He will rescue our ever-dying soul--Luke 19:10—Jesus came to seek and to save the lost. Jesus came to deliver us from sin. Just as we deliver lost or hurting creatures or other people, God sent jesus to rescue us from sin. We were condemned to Hell, but God sent Jesus to deliver us. In Matthew 19:11-14, we read of the Parable of the lost lamb. It is not God’s will that any ONE should perish. The shepherd went out of his way to win the lost, just as Jesus does for us. The shepherd sought for the lost sheep in the mountains, and would not give up until he found that one lost lamb. When he found the lamb, he rejoiced, just as Jesus does when we are found. The Prodigal son was lost, but he humbled himself and came back to his father’s house. He was rescued. We can be saved and rescued when we humble ourselves and return to our Father. Our Heavenly Father will do the same for us. Let us return to our Father’s house. The closing song was “Softly and Tenderly”. Bro. Ronnie Rish closed in prayer as the congregation went to prayer.


                                                                   October 18                                                             PM


The Evening service opened with prayer for earlier prayer requests. A Bluegrass gospel ensemble played “The Unclouded Day”. Joel McCarville and Olivia Downey sang “Til the Answer Comes”.  Joel McCarville led songs. Bro. Ronnie Rish led in prayer. Bro. Jeff Downey welcomed everyone and made announcements. Testimonies were given by: Bonise Rish, Joel  and Barbara McCarville, and Vickie Ledford.  Kaleb McCarville sang “Each Step I Take”.


Bro. Jeff Downey’s sermon was taken from Revelation 3:18-21— “Overcome”. Jesus was speaking to the Laodicean church, He wanted them to be overcomers. We can be overcome by: Sin, Stress, Anxiety, Trials, Sickness, and Cares. Jesus said in the world we would have tribulation, but we were to be of good cheer because Jesus had overcome the world. We can have peace in this world. We will have tribulation. Jesus warned His disciples they would be persecuted and killed. Jesus went away that He might send us the Comforter. He will help us discern the truth. Jesus promised our sorrow would be turned into joy. Christians suffer great harm today, but God still delivers from Sin, Stress, Anxiety, Trials, Sickness, and Cares. Jesus overcame, and we can, too. We want this joy within us. May we take this promise as Jesus has overcome so can we and sit down in the throne with Jesus. Bro. Donald Fittin closed in prayer as the congregation also went to prayer.