The Morning service opened with Bonnie Duff and Roybn McCarville playing “Magnify Thy Name/Majesty” on piano and keyboard, respectively. Bro. Jeff Downey welcomed everyone and made announcements. Bro. Rodney led songs. Bro. Donald Fittin led in prayer. Joel McCarville and Donald Fittin sang “Above All”.  Bro. Jeff Downey read the scripture reading from Matthew 22:1-14. Olivia Downey sang “We Thank Thee for All Thou Hast Done”.


Bro. Jeff Downey’s sermon was taken from Revelation 19:9— “The Marriage Supper”. The Lord of the marriage feast first extended the invitation to the Jews, but they made excuses why they could not come. Then the servants took the message to “whosoever may come”. God sent His only begotten Son to earth to die for the sins of the world. Everyone is invited to the Marriage SLupper, but everyone will not be included. Only those who have on the proper wedding garments. There are requirements for eligibility to wear the wedding garment: (1) Salvation (2) Sanctification (3) Filled with the Holy Ghost (4) Victorious (4) Perseverance (5) Restitution. God will help us be stedfast to keep our eyes on Jesus. May God help us be an overcomer, fruitful while on our spiritual journey here on earth, so we can be ready for Heaven.  The closing song was “Just as I Am”. Bro. Rodney Duff closed in prayer as the congregation went to prayer.


                                                                    January 17                                                                      PM


The Evening service opened with congregational prayer for requests given earlier. Kaleb and Matthew McCarville sang “Streams of Living Water”.  Bro. Jeff Downey welcomed everyone, and Joel McCarville led songs. Bro. Rodney Duff led in prayer.  Bro. Jeff Downey made announcements. Testimonies were given by: Ronnie Rish, Matthew and Lilia McCarville, and Vickie Ledford. Shannon McCarville sang “What a Friend We Have in Jesus”.


Bro. Donald Fittin’s sermon was taken from II Chronicles 7:14— “What God wants to do for us”. There are four (4) things required of us by God to have His blessings: (1) Humility –we must humble ourselves. (2) Pray—Open communication is imperative in relationships. God expects no less from us. We must pray and wait for an answer from God. We can receive answers from God by reading our Bible. (3) Seek God’s face and put forth an effort to hear from God. (4) Turn from your wicked ways. God’s promises come after we do the 4 things listed above. God will do these three (3) things for us when we obey God. (1) God will hear from heaven.  (2) God will

Forgive our sins. (3) God will heal our land. God has requirements. Can we meet these four (4) requirements from God? If we do, then God will hear, forgive, and heal. We must humble ourselves and God will answer. The closing song was “All For Jesus”. Bro. Jeff Downey closed in prayer as the congregation went to prayer.